(1974 – 1979)
“The Art Academy”
Piatigorsk, Russia


(May 2016)

BWAC Gallery, New York

(August 2016)

BWAC Gallery, New York

(April 2018)

Personal Exhibition
“Mosaic of legends and dreams”, Montreal


(December 2018)

Holiday RAWk, Montreal

Lives & works in Montreal, Canada.

Growing up in southern Russia and absorbing the odors and colors of flowers and fields, I happily transferred the euphoria of childhood experiences onto the paper. Childhood watercolors for many years hung in the lobby of the local art school. Then classes in studios and small exhibitions, but life circumstances had not let me pursue the path of painting. Having started living independently very early, I have had lots of other duties, but at every opportunity, whether it’s scenery or design posters, I always returned to my favorite occupation.

I immigrated to Montreal in 1997. For many years, I had to abandon my passion and only work to survive. Nevertheless, fate sometimes smiles and it is important not to miss the moment and respond to the call. And now, I’m not going to waste neither a single day nor even an hour, making up for the lost time, absorbing the new and resurrecting the old!
Good luck and inspiration – is my motto! And, of course, hard work!